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SovAu ("Stablecoin") is a digital asset created by Sovran. SovAu is managed on the Sovran Blockchain Protocol and is backed by physical gold of 999.9 percent purity. Each SovAu stablecoin is equal to 1 gram of the spot market value price of Gold. The physical gold is manufactured in concentrate form and stored at government secured facilities, and or other Safe Keeping Insured Facilities.

SovAu website enables you to obtain information on SovAu stablecoin, purchase SovAu from us using decentralized cryptocurrencies or with credit / debit card, and sell SovAu to us for decentralized cryptocurrencies. Customer can purchase / sell SovAu from / to at the rate stated at sovau.me. The rates are subject to current market fluctuations.

The total number of stablecoins in circulation always equals the total amount of gold in reserve.


By purchasing SovAu, you are purchasing a specific amount of physical gold which will remain deposited in secure vaults. Hence you are the owner of that gold. The precious metals in storage for the users are at all times solely owned by the users and not by or any of its affiliates.

By buying or selling SovAu to us or others, you are transferring or receiving ownership of a specific amount of physical gold as the owner of the SovAu bought or sold.


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If the funds to be transferred are facilitated on the Ethereum network, an additional $35 fee is applied for withdrawals. No additional fee will be applied if the transactions are facilitated using a Layer 2 network. Transactions processed may take up to 24 hours, but in circumstances concerning extreme market volatility can take up to 36 hours.

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The first rule of Law is that if the challenge of jurisdiction is brought up, it must be answered by a higher court. If that higher court's jurisdiction is challenged, it likewise must be answered by a higher court.

Know now that all courts and so-called governments are only acting under corporate Law or the legal system or acts of parliament. No corporation can act as a government. Corporate Law is not Law. The word corporation stems from the Latin root word 'corpse,' meaning 'corp,' and 'oration,' meaning to speak; thus, a corporation means a corpse speaking, which is a zombie. Corpses cannot speak; thus, corporations are unable to speak and need some living, breathing, natural person to speak or act on its (the corporations') behalf. Any person acting on behalf of a corporation acts of their own volition. Subsequently, any natural person may be sued personally for acting under fraud. Thus, the natural person is liable for acting for a corporation.

Thus, it is that individuals, judges, lawyers, sheriffs, police, government employees, and all agents, and any and all such are personally liable for their actions. For your awareness, any and all such agents or peoples or entities acting for corporations can be sued and thus must carry insurance policies to cover such law suites.

Any and all so-called Law, legislation, acts of parliament, or municipalities, states, and countries, created by the legal system is not Law. The legal system can only be a translation of Law. Additionally, English and other languages operating in the legal system framework are likewise operating in the legal system are not Lawful.

The legal system is created by the City (London), the so-called British Accreditation Regency aka the Crown, and the B.A.R., all of which lack jurisdiction. All lawyers, judges, and courts are liars and do not and cannot deal in facts or operate under THE LAW. All such employees or those licensed by the Crown aka the B.A.R. are licensed or employees or agents of the B.A.R. or a franchise of the B.A.R.

The U.K., in its disclosure to the U.N., admits it is a corporation. Likewise, European Union, the U.N., the I.M.F., the World Bank are corporations, likewise is the District of Columbia A.C.T. aka known as America and or The United States and any and all entities acting under or affiliated corporations such as any and all nations, countries, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the like, likewise any and all states, provinces, municipalities entities such as the Crown etc. are as such operating under fraud and the non-disclosure of their corporate structure. Enforcement of any and all corporation, including but not limited to Acts of Legislation, Acts of Parliament, the Crown, the Courts, and other derivatives of corporate jurisdiction, have been and are fraudulent.

Any mail or enforcement notice delivered by The POST OFFICE operates under U.P.U. Universal Postal Unions on behalf of 'governments, courts and enforcement agents, including and not limited to any and all such corporation entities' puts the POST OFFICE in the situation where they are complicit in the fraud and extortion of property, equity rights, etc. of Natural Persons, Creatures and all exploitation of Nature including but not limited to the animals, the rocks, the minerals, the vegetation, and of the Earth, the Sky and the Sea and all its creatures, and are accountable to the U.P.U. the UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION, which is of and by itself a corporation and carries the penalties and plenary action that govern the U.P.U.

For know it now and for all of the fabrication of time and space that the Earth is The Lords and the fullness Thereof for it is known "In the beginning was sheki na, and sheki na was GOD and sheki na is GOD, all things are made by sheki na and without sheki na is no thing made that is made" Thus it is written, thus is shall be known!

And though the scribes of church and State and corporations and all countries and all nations have no higher jurisdiction higher than the LAW of sheki na CREATOR GOD.

Sovranty is by the Law of sheki na, so it is written so it shall be known.

It is through lack of interest or education that peoples submit because of non jurisdiction or entrapment and fraud, then they may look to see the most sacred of their sovran liberties taken from them one by one, by more or less rapid encroachment.

The use of roads and travel by any and all means has been fraudulently monopolized by the very entities which has been empowered to stand guard over our God given sovran freedoms. Who among you dare to challenge the Jurisdiction of sheki na aka the Lord aka the Light aka the Father, aka shēkī`nə (Christ), aka Life, for knowest thou not, for thus saith the Lord God shēkī`nə this Earth and Sky and all that is seen and all that is unseen is the life of the One I AM, for thus saith the Lord sheki na This Earths and All of life I AM.

The "most sacred of liberties" of which the Lord God speaks off is personal Liberty, sovranty. The definition of personal Liberty is:

Personal Liberty, or the Right to enjoyment of life and Liberty, is one of the fundamental or natural Rights, which has been protected by its inclusion as a guarantee in the various constitutions, which is not derived from, or dependent on, the U.S. Constitution, which may not be submitted to a vote and may not depend on the outcome of an election. It is one of the most sacred and valuable Rights, as sacred as the Right to private property...and is regarded as inalienable. For thus saith the Lord, I created all men and all of life equal.

This concept is further amplified by the definition of personal Liberty:

"Personal Liberty largely consists of the Right of locomotion -- to go where and when one pleases -- only so far restrained as the Rights of others may make it necessary for the welfare of all other citizens. The Right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon by horse-drawn carriage, wagon, airplanes, ships of any form, automobile is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but the common Right which he has under his Right to life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and sovranty under God's Law. Under this Law of sheki na is forever and now guaranteed one may, therefore, under normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public highways or in public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent manner, neither interfering with nor disturbing or imposing others' Rights of individual sovran choice, he is protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct.

Additionally, and further... sovran rights Personal liberty including the choices of health, the power of motion, of changing situations, of removing one's person to whatever place one's inclination may direct, without imprisonment or restraint unless by due process of Law.

The "most sacred of his liberties," is the Right of movement, the Right of moving one's self from place to place without threat of imprisonment, and the Right of sovran choice in the course of life.

When the B.A.R., the Crown, the Church, and State allow the formation of a corporation, it may control its creation by establishing guidelines (statutes) for its operation (charters). Corporations that impose freedom that violate individual and personal sovranty in the ordinary course of life, such entities violate the Laws of God.

The corporation of The District of Columbia Act and the ensuing United States Supreme Court has stated:

"...We are of the opinion that there is a clear distinction in this particular between an individual and a corporation and that the latter has no right to refuse to submit its books and papers for examination on the suit of the State. The individual may stand upon his Constitutional Rights as a Citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbours to divulge his business or to open his doors to investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no such duty to the State since he receives nothing therefrom beyond the protection of his Life, Liberty, and property. His Rights are such as the Law of the land, long antecedent to the organization of the State, and can only be taken from him by due process of Law and in accordance with the Constitution. Among his Rights are the refusal to incriminate himself and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of Law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights.

"Upon the other hand, the corporation is a creature of the State. It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public. It receives certain special privileges and franchises and holds them subject to the laws of the State and the limitations of its charter. Its rights to act as a corporation are only preserved to it so long as it obeys the laws of its creation. There is a reserved right in the legislature to investigate its contracts and find out whether it has exceeded its powers. It would be a strange anomaly to hold that the State, having chartered a corporation to make use of certain franchises, could not in the exercise of its sovereignty inquire how those franchises had been employed, and whether they had been abused, and demand the production of corporate books and papers for that purpose." [emphasis added] Hale vs. Hinkel, 201 US 43, 74-75.

Corporations engaged in mercantile equity fall under the purview of the State's admiralty jurisdiction and the public at large must be protected from their activities, as they (the corporations) are engaged in business for profit.

It will be necessary to review all presumed legal authority in order to reach a lawfully correct theory dealing with this Right or "privilege of God-given sovranty.

Where rights secured by sheki na very God itself are involved, there can be no rulemaking or legislation which would abrogate them.


"The claim and exercise of a constitutional Right cannot be converted into a crime." Miller vs. U.S., 230 F. 486, 489.


"There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional Rights." Snerer vs. Cullen, 481 F. 946.

Streets and highways are established and maintained for the purpose of travel and transportation by the public. Such travel may be for business or pleasure.

"The use of the highways for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common and fundamental Right of which the public and the individual cannot be rightfully deprived." [emphasis added] Chicago Motor Coach vs. Chicago, 169 NE 22; Ligare vs. Chicago, 28 NE 934; Boon vs. Clark, 214 SSW 607; 25 Am.Jur. (1st) Highways Sect.163.


"The Right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by horse-drawn carriage or by automobile or vessel, is not a mere privilege which a city can prohibit or permit at will, but a common Right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Thompson vs. Smith, 154 SE 579.

So, we can see that a Natural Person cannot be a Citizen of a Corporation and has a Right to travel upon the Kings highways by means of his traveling device and such sovran natural person being a part of and created by the Sheki na, the Lord God, cannot be rightfully deprived of his Liberty.

So where does the misconception that Earthly or corporate or church jurisdiction over Natural Persons and their bodies and their life which is the life of God, come from?

The Right of the natural person is to travel upon the highways and byways, to live life in safety and security, free from molestation, fraud, and the so-called jurisdiction of corporate and other entities jurisdiction to enjoy his property and his life, and his family’s life free from imposition and restriction or injury or molestation or fraud or extortion in the ordinary course of life.

For just as much as the first rule of Law is that if the challenge of jurisdiction is brought up, the onus of responsibility is upon church and State and any and all entities to prove that they/it have jurisdiction.

The usual and ordinary Right is and has been over time referred to as common law natural person a common right to all.

"This distinction, elementary and fundamental in character, is recognized by all the authorities." State vs. City of Spokane, supra. This position does not hang precariously upon only a few cases but has been proclaimed by an impressive array of cases ranging from the corporations of state courts to the federal courts to the churches and ecclesiastical entities.

Personal Liberty -- or the Right to enjoyment of life and Liberty -- is one of the fundamental or natural rights of natural persons and creatures, which has been protected by its inclusion as a guarantee in the various constitutions, which is not derived from nor dependent on the U.S. Constitution.

It is one of the most sacred and valuable rights [remember the words of Justice Tolman, supra.] as sacred as the Right to private property...and is regarded as inalienable." 16 C.J.S. Const. Law, Sect.202, p.987.

"First, it is well established under God's Law that the Earth is the Lords in the fullness thereof.

If there is any jurisdiction corporate, Church, or State of consciousness that challenges this supreme sovran jurisdiction of Sheki na, let him/it present his proof of jurisdiction over God's Law.

So, what is a privilege to life? By now it should be apparent even to the "learned" that an attempt to limit life and freedom of natural persons from molestation of any form by artificial entities or privilege is fraudulent and unlawful

Living is our Right, and our creation of our businesses of trade and commerce, to barter and exchange by any means of choice is that which is a sovran privilege. And no corporate person, therefore, can insist that he has or may restrict or have dominion or jurisdiction over a sovran individual son or daughter of God, their families or property, their children, male or female created by a vested right to their life.

While common law rights have been stated, including but not limited to sovran rights including action which impose or disturb or violate others life or safety of their individual's rights or actions such actions have been stated under common Law for a reason in the interest of safety and convenience of the natural person.

The corporation of State of consciousness, the B.A.R., the Crown, the courts, legislation, agents, and employees of any title and any and all entities acting seemingly for the common good to restrict sovran right by attempting to regulate such use is based upon as stated above devoid of jurisdiction in the choices of individuals sovran life, the Nature of their creation of commerce, trade or business and the process of barter and exchange over such must be proved by proof of jurisdiction, and as also stated above a corpse cannot act of its own volition, and anyone acting or orating on behalf of such corpus is personally and thus liable in connection to their acting on behalf of such corporations.

There should be considerable authority on a subject as important as this deprivation of the Liberty of the individual "using the roads in the ordinary course of life and business." However, it should be noted that extensive research has not turned up one case or authority acknowledging the State's power to convert the individual's Right to travel upon the public roads into a "privilege."

The Natural Person does have a "Right" to life, to travel and transport his property upon the public highways and roads, and the exercise of this Right is not a "privilege."

"Traveler -- One who passes from place to place, whether for pleasure, instruction, business, or health." Locket vs. State, 47 Ala. 45; Bovier's Law Dictionary, 1914 ed., p. 3309.

"Travel -- To journey or to pass through or over; as a country district, road, etc. To go from one place to another, whether on foot, or horseback, or in any conveyance as a train, an automobile, carriage, ship, or aircraft; Make a journey." Century Dictionary, p.2034.

Therefore, the term "travel" or "traveler" refers to one who uses a conveyance to go from one place to another and includes all those who use the highways as a matter of Right.

Notice that in all these definitions, the phrase "for hire" never occurs. This term "travel" or "traveler" implies, by definition, one who uses the road as a means to move from one place to another.

Therefore, one who uses the road in the ordinary course of life and business for the purpose of travel and transportation is a traveler.

The term "driver," in contradistinction to "traveler,": is defined as:

"Driver -- One employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle..." Bovier's Law Dictionary, 1914 ed., p. 940.

Notice that this definition includes one who is "employed" in conducting a vehicle. It should be self-evident that this person could not be "traveling" on a journey but is using the road as a place of business.

Today it is assumed that a "traveler" is a "driver," and a "driver" is an "operator." However, this is not the case.

"It will be observed from the language of the ordinance that a distinction is to be drawn between the terms `operator' and `driver'; the `operator' of the service car being the person who is licensed to have the car on the streets in the business of carrying passengers for hire; while the `driver' is the one who actually drives the car. However, in the actual prosecution of business, it was possible for the same person to be both `operator' and `driver.'" Newbill vs. Union Indemnity Co., 60 SE.2d 658.

To further clarify the definition of an "operator" the court observed that this was a vehicle "for hire" and that it was in the business of carrying passengers.

This definition would seem to describe a person who is using the road as a place of business, or in other words, a person engaged in the "privilege" of using the road for gain.

This definition, then, is a further clarification of the distinction mentioned earlier, and therefore:

1. Travelling upon and transporting one's property upon the public roads as a matter of Right meets the definition of a traveler.

2. Using the road as a place of business as a matter of privilege meets the definition of a driver or an operator or both.

Having defined the terms "automobile," "motor vehicle," "traveler," "driver," and "operator," the next term to define is "traffic":

"...Traffic thereon is to some extent destructive, therefore, the prevention of unnecessary duplication of auto transportation service will lengthen the life of the highways or reduce the cost of maintenance, the revenue derived by the state...will also tend toward the public welfare by producing at the expense of those operating for private gain, some small part of the cost of repairing the wear..." Northern Pacific R.R. Co. vs. Schoenfeldt, 213 P. 26.

In the above, Justice Tolman expounded upon the key of raising revenue by taxing the "privilege" to use the public roads "at the expense of those operating for gain."

In this case, the word "traffic" is used in conjunction with the unnecessary Auto Transportation Service, or in other words, "vehicles for hire." The word "traffic" is another word that is to be strictly construed to the conducting of business.

"Traffic -- Commerce, trade, sale or exchange of merchandise, bills, money, or the like. The passing of goods and commodities from one person to another for an equivalent in goods or money..." Bovier's Law Dictionary, 1914 ed., p. 3307.

Here again, notice that this definition refers to one "conducting business." No mention is made of one who is traveling in his automobile. This definition is of one who is engaged in the passing of a commodity or goods in exchange for money, i.e.., vehicles for hire.

Furthermore, the word "traffic" and "travel" must have different meanings, which the courts recognize. The difference is recognized in Ex Parte Dickey, supra:

"...in addition to this, cabs, hackney coaches, omnibuses, taxicabs, and hacks, when unnecessarily numerous, interfere with the ordinary traffic and travel and obstruct them."

By using both terms, the court signified its recognition of a distinction between the two. But what was the distinction? We have already defined both terms, but to clear up any doubt:

"The word `traffic' is manifestly used here in a secondary sense, and has reference to the business of transportation rather than to its primary meaning of interchange of commodities." Allen vs. City of Bellingham, 163 P. 18.

The corporation of the Supreme Court of the State of Washington has defined the word "traffic" (in either its primary or secondary sense) in reference to business and not to mere travel! So, it is clear that the term "traffic" is business-related, and therefore, it is considered by corporate entities as a "privilege." The net result being that "traffic" is thought to be brought under the corporation of the police as seemingly stated power of the corporate legislature.

It seems only proper to define the word "license," as the definition of this word will be extremely important in understanding the statutes as they are properly applied:

"The permission, by competent 'read corporate' authority to do an act which without permission 'read jurisdiction' would be illegal, a trespass, or a tort." People vs. Henderson, 218 NW.2d 2, 4.

In order for these two definitions to apply in this case, the corporation of a state may take up the position that the exercise of a corporate Constitutional Right to use the public roads in the ordinary course of life and business is illegal, a trespass, or a tort, which the State could then regulate or prevent, however the onus of responsibility for such implied jurisdiction.

In this case, the proper definition of a business license is:

"a permit, granted by a corporation governmental body, generally for consideration, in the corporation, a person 'a person can be a living, natural person or a dead person such as a corporation, firm, or corporation, to pursue some occupation or to carry on some business which is seemingly subject to corporate B.A.R. regulation under the corporation police power. This definition would fall more in line with the corporation ... a corpse attempting to have jurisdiction and impose a corporate "privilege" of carrying on business onto a natural living person; however, once again, a corpse cannot act; it is dead, thus anyone orating on behalf of such a dead thing as a corpse is seemingly a magician, or someone attempting to cast a spell over the living for their individual gain as an agent of the corporation, what kind of spell is this? What kind of jurisdiction does such a magician have to create life force? I dare say none; if they have such authority, let them prove their snake mind's abilities and authority and jurisdiction. I suspect they have none, not from Sheki na, for thus saith the Lord I have something against all liars.

Most people tend to think that "licensing" is imposed by the corporation state for the purpose of raising revenue, yet there may well be more subtle reasons contemplated; for when one seeks permission from someone to do something, he invokes the jurisdiction of the "licensor" which, in this case, is the corporation of the State. In essence, the licensee may well be seeking to be regulated by the "licensor."

A license fee is a charge made primarily for corporate regulation, with the fee to cover costs and expenses of corporate supervision or corporate regulation.

The fee is the price; the corporate regulation or control of the licensee is the real aim of the person or agent acting for the dead corporate legislation.

Are these licenses really used to fund legitimate government, or are they nothing more than a subtle introduction of Ultra Vires corporate court power into every facet of our lives? Have the Ultra Vires courts jurisdiction over a man? For it is written man was made in the image and likeness of Creator - God, are corpses such as courts and enforcement agencies made in the image and likeness of God, of sheki na, I dare say no, the corpse of the court or the CROWN AKA THE BAR has no such jurisdiction, if they do I challenge their jurisdiction, prove it! But let it be known that anyone trying to act as God in raising the dead corpse or corporation is committing fraud and merely attempting to extort, perhaps through no fault of their own. However, "Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse," instead, such employees of the magicians of the courts, the lawyers, the judges the enforcement agents of the Crown, aka the British Accreditation Regency, are all acting beyond the scope of their abilities even if they assume it to be true.

How much longer will it be before we are forced to get a license for our Right to breathe in the free air without a mask? To live without being forced to be used as lab rats for experimentation of toxic substances because of some corporate jurisdiction court, corporate jurisdiction legislation, even if it's from the U.K. or Brussels, or the European Union, or the U.N. or any and all Ultra Vires corporations before these agents attempt to continue to enforce their will over our lives our families, our children, do we really need a license for life, says who? Show me your jurisdiction; otherwise, these agents and employees of the corpse are liable personally for the agency they voluntarily orate for.

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